We are still haunted by the stereotype that people in villages and small towns are much healthier, because the air is fresh there and physical activity is much richer. In fact, the urban man has far more opportunities to lead a healthy lifestyle, not least through restorative practices. One of these is erotic massage for men, which embodies the ancient knowledge of the East.

Erotic massages from the “Bodylux” salon in Kiev

Эротический массаж Киев

Salon “Bodylux” provides a full range of services for relaxation and restoration of the body, including water procedures. Erotic massage of education is presented in several types. In addition to the erotic version itself, it is worth mentioning the classic and royal versions. As for the classic erotic massage, its trick lies in the beneficial effect on the tight muscles of the back – one of the weakest points of a modern man, not neural conduction, and eliminates pain. What is very important, sessions of classic erotic massage in Kiev can minimize the risks of getting a stroke or heart attack.

We offer effective sessions and the most attractive prices in the whole Kiev and the region.

Features of erotic massage from “Bodylux”

Erotic massage for men is aimed at a complex effect on the entire body. After the session, you:

  • get rid of irritation and fatigue;
  • increase efficiency;
  • normalize your emotional mood;
  • get rid of all kinds of pain in the spine, joints of the legs and arms, lower back.

Keep in mind that royal, like any other erotic massage in Kiev, does not provide for intimacy, but the sensation that you get will bring you into ecstasy.

Erotic order as energizing

Салон эротического массажа

If you feel tired from daily worries at work and at home, and you critically need relaxation, relaxation and recharging of energy, the best solution is to allow yourself an erotic massage session in the center of our city.

Erotic massage salon “Bodylux” provides clients with a wonderful environment during massage, which is provided by:

  • muted pleasant light;
  • quiet relaxing music;
  • lighted scented candles;
    the smell of aromatic oils;
  • the touch of gentle skillful hands.

You can find out more complete information on the website of our erotic massage salon “Bodylux”.
The very concept of erotic massage for men causes bewilderment or a smile among many potential clients, which is associated with a misunderstanding of its essence.

Erotic massage Kiev from the “Bodylux” salon has not the slightest connection with sex, and in its essence is a health improving and restorative practice.

Features of erotic massage

At the heart of erotic massage in Kiev is a reflex and mechanical effect on the body. The highlight of erotic massage is that it effectively affects male potency, while revealing the secret potential of a man.

If you are interested in erotic massage, let’s say right away that there are several options for it. The simplest is classic. Why is classic subway erotic massage better than regular classic massage? – you ask. Here everything is extremely simple – in the second version we are dealing only with the effect on muscles and skin, moreover, limited, and in the first – with an integrated approach, which also includes psychophysical relaxation and deep relaxation. You not only gain excellent physical well-being, but also psychological resilience, confidence in your abilities, including in terms of sexuality.

The most attractive of this erotic massage Lviv is the royal version. In a session of royal erotic massage in Kiev, aromatic oils are used, which are responsible for relaxation. The component of the procedure is a classic massage, which consists of a wide range of stroking, rubbing, pressing and patting techniques. And all this at the same time in four hands. Then the sessions are alternated, which ensures maximum filling with energy and pleasant sensations.

What does the Bodylux erotic massage parlor offer?

Our “Bodylux” salon offers not only a highly professional session, but a real show, an unforgettable improvisation that our masseuses will arrange for you.

The Bodylux salon provides clients with a wonderful massage environment, which is provided by:
  • muted pleasant light;
  • quiet relaxing music;
  • lighted scented candles;
  • the smell of aromatic oils;
  • the touch of gentle skillful hands.

In our salon, only the best professional masseuses are at your service. The concept of our center is that we do not stand still, but try to constantly improve. Masseuses, gaining experience, persistently improve their methods and techniques. They can already be called true masters of their craft.

Our prices are the most attractive – here you will truly find a high-quality erotic massage at an inexpensive price. Considering the high level of erotic massage and the cost, you will immediately understand that you cannot find a better balance.