Erotic massage salon

Bodylux erotic massage salon

We take care of every client. Stunning girls distract men from daily problems and give joyful moments. They use a variety of techniques to completely relax visitors. Erotic massage is performed around the clock (24/7) in our salon. The provision of services is carried out in this way: – the client calls the phone listed on the website. Our employee makes an appointment for a specific time; – the client is greeted by a friendly, attentive female administrator. Disposable slippers and a clean towel are provided without fail; – the visitor goes into a room with a cozy atmosphere. Getting to know the masseuses; – the client goes to the bathroom, takes a shower. After that, the man goes into the room where the girls perform erotic massage. The session is held in a romantic setting that is conducive to relaxation; – a naked girl does a body massage, bringing the client to complete relaxation; – during the session, the man receives incomparable sensations and is brought to ecstasy. Intimate massage improves mood, prevents the occurrence of diseases, and prolongs life. The client leaves the salon completely satisfied.

Do you want to plunge into the world of erotic joys in Kiev?

A lot of pleasant impressions awaits you in the Bodylux salon. We employ beautiful girls, young, but with sufficient experience. They give visitors incredible pleasure and transfer them to another reality! Erotic massage is a special type of massage that gives you unique sensations. It has a beneficial effect on health to promote maximum relaxation.

How is erotic massage performed?

Салон эротического массажа КарменDuring the session, the man forgets about pressing problems and worries. He enjoys every moment and takes immense pleasure. As entertainment and relaxation, erotic massage is better than “paid sex” and also better than striptease. This massage is performed using a variety of aromatic oils. They have a calming and relaxing effect. The oils enhance the effect of the massage, fill the room with pleasant aromas and create a sensual atmosphere. Salon clients are immersed in a comfortable environment. The session takes place in a beautiful room, with candles or dim light. Nice music sounds. The charming girl makes gentle movements that gradually become quick and teasing. She does massage until the man gets real pleasure. Having used the services of our establishment once, clients come to the Bodylux salon again and again, around the clock, seven days a week. They arrange small holidays for themselves and are charged with positive energy. Call us now! Bodylux does not provide sexual services. When performing erotic massage, the following points must be observed:

  • The massage is performed by a completely naked girl. The man also strips completely
  • A girl with gorgeous shapes performs massage with her hands, breasts, buttocks and other parts of the body.
  • Sexual massage is performed without intimate contact.
  • The masseuse with skillful movements brings the visitor of the salon to ecstasy. The client remains satisfied and happy.