Erotic massage

Do you want to take a break from work, unwind and recharge with vital energy? Then sign up for an erotic massage in Lviv. This procedure has nothing to do with intimacy and compares favorably with conventional massage. In just one session, you will get rid of your bad mood and forget about boredom! Eromassage improves both the physical and mental health of men.

The essence and features of erotic massage. Where, how and by whom it is held

Эротик массаж в КиевеErotic massage is carried out in specialized salons. There are beautiful masseuses who know their job well and know how to give clients pleasure. They do not provide intimate services, but with gentle touches they bring gentlemen to complete relaxation. The salons maintain the privacy of visitors and boast a high level of service. Before visiting such a place, it is worth looking at its website. There you will learn about the cost of services, you can look at the photos of the female employees and get acquainted with the available varieties of eromassage. Not only men, but also women resort to the services of masseuses. The relaxing treatment lasts about an hour. There are express programs, within which you can get maximum pleasure in just 30 minutes. Erotic massage is carried out as follows: a man takes a shower (alone or together with a girl), and then lies down on the sofa in a cozy room, where quiet music plays, and the light does not hurt his eyes. The girl gently massages his entire body with her hands, bare breasts and buttocks. Slow movements of the masseuse provide bliss and relaxation, while fast movements increase blood circulation and have a stimulating effect. There is no strict procedure and rules for carrying out eromassage. Salon workers try to find an individual approach to each client so that he remains satisfied. The procedure can be carried out not by one, but by two ladies at once. In this case, the client of the salon is guaranteed to enjoy a double “portion” of touches and caresses.

The main advantages of the procedure: complete relaxation and not only

Erotic massage not only relaxes, but also:

  • accelerates the recovery of human performance;
  • stimulates the secretion of sex hormones; relieves depression and stress;
  • helps men with erection problems.

Эротический массаж мужчинеIt also has a healing effect, since it accompanies the restoration of damaged muscles, tendons and ligaments. Having enjoyed this procedure in Kiev or other cities of Ukraine, you will understand how to bring more pleasure to your soulmate during sexual games, get rid of complexes and learn to understand the body language of other people. Having once visited the salon where eromassage is performed, you will return there again and again. After this procedure, you will feel rested, forget about pain in the body and feel a surge of sexual energy. The cost of massage is low, and therefore everyone can afford such relaxation.

This erotic massage invented in the East is thousands of years old. Both the ancient Chinese and Hindus knew that such influences can be not only very pleasant, but equally useful. The main thing is the knowledge of certain points to be influenced and the use of aromatic oils and other additional accessories. With the help of such an influence, it is possible to influence the erection of a man and the desires of a woman, to influence the prolongation and brightness of sexual intercourse.

Erotic massage is not just hands stroking arousal areas of the body, but a completely separate kind of pleasure, both relaxing and exciting. In order to be able to do a truly unforgettable massage, you need to know about its nuances and subtleties. For example, an experienced masseuse can create an unforgettable hotbed of sexual arousal, and then gently remove it. Thanks to this, the man avoids sexual “burnout”, and gets unforgettable sensations and gains confidence, which remains with him forever.

In most erotic massage techniques, the same techniques are found: kneading, stroking, rubbing. However, all of them are aimed at one thing – working out erogenous zones and stimulating actions. Therefore, the masseuse can use not only her hands, as in a regular massage, but the whole body and caress the client in many ways available to her.

The most famous erotic massage techniques:

Oil – a method in which a large amount of heated oil is used by which the girl pours not only the visitor, but also herself; Body – a Thai technique in which the hot body of the craftswoman slides over the man’s body, and their skin is in maximum contact; “Sakura branch” – a kind of erotic massage, invented in Japan, this technique uses hot breath, lips and tongue; Tantra is a massage originally from India, characterized by a game that stimulates the genitals, a frequent change of rhythm. Often, the massage is performed by two masseuses at once; Aquapoa erotic massage – a bath or jacuzzi filled with foam is required for the session. The massage master rubs her naked body against the patient, and water and foam make these touches unusually soft; Aquagel – unlike the previous technique, this type of massage is performed under the shower, and the body of the masseuse is covered with a special gel, which creates a unique effect when a woman touches a man.

Moreover, the massage itself is just a part of the ritual. The masseuse necessarily creates an appropriate environment, including: the absence of extraneous sounds and actions, lighted aromatic candles, quiet relaxing music. The time of the session does not matter, the main thing is the mood to get maximum pleasure.

A comfortable, pleasant surface is also thought out – a soft sinking bed is definitely not suitable for this. It is very important to select the appropriate aromatic oils used in the massage (without them, the session is not carried out. And the desired effect is not achieved). Essential oils are selected based on the desired effect. Among them are tonic, relaxing and soothing oils. And in this the masseuse is completely guided by the wishes of the patient.