Types of erotic massage

Angel massage

Angel massage is an erotic massage in Kiev, first of which a girl, with her tender kisses and caresses, invites you into her world of sensitivity and eroticism. Angelic erotic massage takes place in an intimate, warm atmosphere and is a very gentle and light full body massage. It is performed not only with kisses. But also with the soft fingertips of a charming masseuse. The massage ends with an erotic part – a body massage (massage with a breast, tummy, buttocks).

Massage “Mistress”

Are you looking for thrills, old traditions and gray everyday life are boring? Massage “Mistress” is a breath of unbridled freshness and novelty for your relaxation, for your life … It is for you that a new role-playing program has been developed – erotic massage of the Mistress.
The strict and unshakable Lady will be the mistress of this action: assignments, teachings and orders – she will literally make you experience pleasure! The choice of the type of game and attributes is solely yours. Feel like a “Slave”, “Servant” in the hands of a skilled Lady and mistress of your unearthly relaxation.

Royal massage

Royal erotic massage in 4 hands. This special kind  this one erotic massage Kiev promotes the development of sexual potential and enhances sensitivity.
Nice music, aromatic oils and gentle touches of girls will give you a feeling of harmony and satisfaction in a very short time.
You will feel a burst of energy and can continue your day in a great mood!

Peep show

As if in a long-awaited hypnotic dream, you will slowly enter the darkened room and plunge into the soft bliss of the show. The only spectator of the unique performance will be you and only you. A dim light will illuminate the young masseuse, whose luxurious body, obeying the beat of musical accompaniment, will reveal to you the most intimate secrets and desires. Flexible, gentle, passionate, captivating and unattainable like a starry distance, she will seem like an extravaganza of the world of male fantasies and dreams, set on earth just to please you. She will stop the passage of time so that you can fully enjoy her art of dancing and caressing. Her smooth movements, born of the anticipation of ecstasy, will allow you to relax and enjoy a great show.

“Goddess” massage

According to Indian philosophy, there is an active point (chakra) on the crown of the head, which is the highest energy center of a person, connecting all the channels through which life force flows. Therefore, an anti-stress head massage “enlightens” the mind, improves memory, sharpens perception, and also opens consciousness for the exchange of energies.
A subtle, captivating spicy aroma envelops you in the room of our cozy massage parlor, and, after a moment, the soul is immersed in an acute anticipation of bodily pleasure. At this time, while continuing the Anti-stress massage, the hands of the affectionate Goddess gently stroke your head.

French massage

Sensual explicit program, which the girl will start with the erotic part. Then the girl will give you a classic massage and move on to the relaxing part. You can relax and enjoy the pleasant sensations.

Royal massage

The gentle touches of thin female fingers will give you minutes of harmony and peace. Having poured oil on your and your skin, the masseuse will begin to smoothly and, at the same time, passionately stream her body over yours. The touches of her chest and tummy, the exciting movements of her slender hips, the tantalizing transition from exotic massage techniques to classical massage techniques and back will gradually bring you to the peak of arousal and, finally, relaxation.

Fairy massage

Does your body and soul need real rest and relaxation? Are you craving fresh and unforgettable emotions? The extraordinary and pleasant sensations from touching an elastic female body combine both a healing effect and a huge portion of pleasure. In this program, you can imagine yourself in the role of a master and give the opportunity to enjoy our girl.

Vip massage

Gentle hands sliding over your naked body; fingers kneading tense muscles even in the most secluded corners, a girl sliding along your back with nipples hardened from excitement; the smell of incense, relaxing and exciting at the same time; pleasant music. This is a set for true connoisseurs who know what they want from life. This is a real pleasure. Return your body to sensuality, feel really desirable.